1964 Triumph Herald                                                                                
Planning a short walk on the Wild side!
The heart and soul of this
restoration and modification is
using the engine and gearbox
from a 1978 Triumph Spitfire but
with Dual SU carburetors. The
extra displacement will help this
Herald keep up with modern
traffic and allow increased use
and driving pleasure.
Larger wheels and modern
tires will not only help set this
Herald apart from others, but
will also improve the handling
and braking which is also a
large safety improvement.
Tires for 13" wheels are also
becoming harder to source so
the larger wheels making
finding new tires a bit easier.
The chassis for this 1964
Triumph Herald has been
completely restored and
readied for the increased
power and handling
capabilities that the other
modifications will bring with
Along with the custom wheels, larger engine and modernized exterior,
this 1964 Triumph Herald will also have a custom interior to further
increase the joys of modern motoring in a classic British car.