This heavily modified 1970
VW Beetle arrived ready for us
to finish assembling. The
bodywork is all complete and
oh my goodness what
bodywork it has received. The
roof line has been chopped
four inches, the rear fenders
are 4 inches wider than stock
while the front fenders are
three inches wider than stock.
There is a custom running
board connecting the front
and rear fenders and to  top it
all off, the doors now swing in
reverse! All of this work was
then covered in a shade of
Lexus pearlescent white.
Bugzilla actually belongs to my brother and he has another website dedicated
to its construction. You can find that website here at
The exterior of the car is pretty
much finished. The interior is
another story. In order to
prepare the interior for
finishing, it has to be
completely stripped out.
Remnants of old carpet,
adhesive, dirt etc..., all
removed and scrubbed down

Now is the time to add sound
deadener and heat insulation
as well. That way the interior
will transmit less heat and
much less "NVH" (Noise,
Vibration and Harshness)  
than it ever did from the
factory. Which in the end, will
make for a much more
comfortable place to drive and
listen to tunes in.
Here you can see the
sound and heat insulation
pieces being installed.
The product we are using
here is from "Second Skin
Audio" and is called
"Damplifier". It is a 1.5mm
thick, foil backed Butyl
material that dissipates
heat up to 500 degrees
While the bodywork may
look pretty and finished,
the mechanical areas of
the car are pretty much
untouched. The front and
rear suspension need a
complete overhaul just
due to age, let alone the
increased power of the
engine that's being built
for it. It will also be
receiving a four wheel
disc brake conversion.
With all the mechanical suspension pieces out of the way, the underside is ready to be
cleaned up and re-coated. Below, you can see the trailing arms being cleaned up, primed
and then painted. The work continues cleaning up the under side of the car and getting it
ready for protection and undercoating and then paint before the suspension goes back in..
While the underside is waiting for the first coat to dry, work continues on the suspension. The front is getting a brand new adjustable beam to go along with
the drop spindles and disc brakes. New torsion leaves will be added along with all the tie rod ends and ball joints. Here is some more work in progress on
the front suspension. If you look closely you can see the new trans axle, a free-way flyer unit, resting below the new front beam on the cart in the foreground.
Below right is the assembled new, adjustable front beam with new torsion leaves and drop spindles. Ready to be installed as soon as the paint dries.
To see more of the saga of BUGZILLA, follow this link...
The rear trailing arms were in very good shape. They only needed to
be blasted clean. Primed and then painted to match the rest of the
under-body and suspension. This car is destined to be a show car
and we do not want to leave any part untouched.