BUGZILLA!                                             Page II  
After all the salivating over the
new engine was finished, it was
time to get back to work. Here we
have the rear suspension back
in with the rear disc brakes fitted.
The disc brake conversions use
14mm bolts on a 5X130 mm
bolt pattern. Which means they
are a Porsche wheel pattern.
The currently desired wheel is
called the "Cup 1" by Sport
Edition. A wheel originally
designed for Porsche 911's and
Boxster's. An example of the
wheel can be seen below and to
the right. The projected size of
the wheels will be 17X9 for the
rear and 17X7.5 for the front.  
Tire sizes are looking to be in
the 235/45-17 and 265/40-17
ranges. Wheel spacers may be
needed for optimum fitting.
The front suspension will be
getting the same disc brake
conversion with the Porsche
wheel pattern. A new master
cylinder, specifically designed
for the switch to disc brakes is
ready to be installed with all the
other new components for the
front end. Including a brand new
steering box and tie rod ends.  
Time for the front end to get the
attention that it deserves. The
adjustable beam seen on the
previous page, new torsion
leaves, new ball joints, new
tie-rod ends and dropped
spindles. Tied altogether with a
front disc brake conversion and
the same 5X130 Porsche bolt
pattern as the rears.
The wheels and tires
arrived from 'The Tire Rack'.
They are the before
mentioned CUP 1's with
Yokohama "S-Drive" tires.
Even with the differing
widths, the different aspect
ratios kept the sidewall
height within .2mm. The
overall rolling diameter is a
"+2" over the original 15"
wheel and tire combination.
The projected speedometer
error is 1.3mph at 100mph
We have to do some test fitting to check clearances and what not. We are certain that to achieve all the needed
clearance, and to meet the aesthetic wishes of the owner, the tires will need to be spaced out about 10mm both
front and rear. We have to get a good idea on just how big that spacer needs to be so we can order the correct
length wheel bolts. Here are some pictures showing the  wheels bolted into the base position with no spacers.
Since we were in a 'trial fitting'
mood, we also decided to trial
fit, and see how much
adjustment would be needed of
the heater boxes, header and
muffler. The header and muffler
will eventually be
Cerami-Chromed for protection,
performance and looks.
The engine and trans
axle are in place and
there is still plenty of
room for the engine
cover to close, even with
the Frenched license
plate pocket. The
muffler does come very
close to the wiring of the
right side taillights, too
close really but we can
fix that.
The exhaust does
hang below the
valence, but just  
barely. There is also a
wee bit of alignment
problem between the
header flange and the
exhaust pipe leading to
the muffler... but we
can fix that too. The
exhaust will be
ceramic coated once
all the fitting issues are
straightened out and
the spacers that we
will be installing will
increase the clearance
between the tire and
exhaust as well.
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Christmas came a little late
for Bugzilla this year. After
months of waiting, the new
engine finally arrived from
the custom builder. This
little beauty is a 2110cc
engine producing 128hp
and 114lb.ft. of torque.
Behind the Porsche 911
style fan shroud is a 75
amp alternator which
should have no problems
supply the needed power
for this custom VW when
we are all finished with it.

When we pried open the
box, this is what we found.
The fully assembled, ready
to run engine. Too bad we
had have to partially
disassemble it to put it in
the car.