Engine Build up continued...                
Assembly continues, to the left the installation of the timing gear is
beginning, above the shows the process to find top dead center. In
the back ground, the Corsa Spyder awaits its new powerplant.
To the left, the camshaft has been installed, the timing gear is on
and the cylinder head has been fitted. Below we can see that the
rocker gear has been installed.
Left: The freshly rebuilt 2.5 litre
Triumph I-6 gets its first coat of
protective paint. It is getting closer to
being ready for installation back into
the Corsa Spyder.
Since the engine is getting closer to installation, it
was time to start prepping the engine bay. When
we removed the old engine we encountered some
troubles with the aluminum diamond plate floor
pans. It was obvious to us that the floor pans were
installed after the engine and transmission had
been originally installed. This left some extra floor
pan material around the transmission bell
housing that did not really need to be there. This
extra material is what made getting the engine and
transmission separated, so that the engine could
be lowered out such a troublesome exercise.
The near left photo shows the before and the far
left shows the after. These modifications should
allow much greater access and ease of movement
when we have to jockey the units into place.
Installing the engine into this car is just as complicated as taking it out. Requiring a lift and two
hoists. After quite a struggle, it goes in and mates to the transmission. The prep work from
above did help greatly, but it was still a struggle to get the powerplant successfully located into
the engine bay.