1998 Factory Five MkI Roadster                                                               
This early example of a Factory Five Roadster
kit uses parts from a 1987-1993 Ford Mustang
(or sibling).  The chassis is all you really need
to have for a drive-able car with one of these
kits. The body is not structural, only cosmetic.
This particular project came to us as a stalled
home build. With the successful 'passing of
the baton' we have continued on with the build.
Once the body is on though, the
identity of the vehicle is clear.
The Factory Five kit uses
aluminum in all the right places
with a GRP body shell.
The engine for this factory Five
Roadster is no longer a stock
5.0 liter ford,but one with quite a
few extra goodies pushing
power up past 350hp at the
flywheel. The extra power came
at a cost though. The radiator
from the donor vehicle was not
up to the task of keeping the
more powerful engine cool so a
brand new aluminum Griffin unit
was sourced and is cooled by
twin 12" Spal electric fans.
The new
interior and
tonneau are
now in place
and the Factory
Five Roadster
is nearly out of
All finished up and ready for
delivery. This car ended up
being quite a handful. The
engine had been tuned to more
than 350 horsepower. In a car
that weighs less than 2000 lbs.
soaking wet, that combination
yields about a 5 pound to 1
horsepower power to weight
ratio that puts it smack dab into
supercar territory. Coupled with
the short wheelbase, this
monster will keep you busy
behind the wheel when you
want to exercise the loud pedal
in the twisties.
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