Jaguar 3.8S Restoration Winter 2007/08
This Jaguar is getting a
mechanical make over.
While the owner does not
want a concours winning car,
he does want a safe, reliable
and competent example of
the marque so that he can
enjoy driving his 'big cat'.
The suspension systems
on these older Jaguar
sedans tend to be easier
to work on when they are
removed from the car.
Plus, it allows other work
to be done on the body tub
with these sub-frames out
of the way.
While the engine and
transmission are out of the
car, the engine bay gets a bit
of a sprucing up. The original
Borg -Warner 35 automatic
transmission is being
replaced by a more modern
TH700R4 GM unit that will
allow better all around
The engine bay has been re-freshed
with all new paint, seals etc... and is now
ready for the rebuilt engine to be lowered
back into its re-decorated home.

Below: The engine re-building sequence
is underway, starting with mating the
crank to the block via the main bearing
After the crankshaft has been fitted, clearances have been checked
and the unit secured. It's time to fit the connecting rods and pistons.
Assembly lube is a necessary mess at this stage. After the pistons
and camshaft are in place. It's time to install the timing gear and oil
pump. Getting ever closer to an assembled long block.
Now it is time to attach the head to the long block. This means
that we are getting ever closer to an assembled engine, ready
to be put back into the car.
The big-cat sedan is
back from having the
upholstery fitted. The
interior, minus the seats,
is looking pretty good. Of
course, it looks even
better with the seats
installed as well.
Once initial run was
completed, it was time to test,
tune and finish re-assembling
the engine bay. Right back the
way we found it...  In layout at
the very least, and very much
'as original' in many other
Then it was time for testing
and tuning. Getting big cats
like this one back on the
road is a very enjoyable
aspect of this "job". But
someone has to do so it
might as well be us.
This big cat is once again in the hands of its
owner. He is doing the final run-in and
troubleshooting but it will return to our shop
shortly for its first in a long line of routine
services that will need to be performed to
keep her purring.