Shop Visitors
These are just a few of the vehicles to recently drive through our doors!
Our shop is staying
fairly active recently.
With quite the mixture
of vehicles as well as
long term and short
term work. From an
1959 English Ford
Prefect to the 1955
Aston Martin DB2/4.
Variety, as they say, is
the spice of life after all.
At British Sports Werks,
we treat all of our visitors
as if they were our own
precious vehicles. In our
eyes, they are all special.
From Aston Martin to
Triumph and even home
grown Cobra replica kit
cars. We will take great
care of your pride and joy
as you would expect from
fellow enthusiasts.
This Aston Martin was
purchased new by an
Oil Sheik and used for
rallying. It participated
in several rallies in
Continental Europe
including the Monte
Carlo Rallye! It is now
living a bit more sedate
life here in Colorado.
Whether your
Austin-Healey BT7
needs a tune-up and
seasonal evaluation or
your Ford Prefect needs
a major front suspension
rebuild. We can service
your needs at British
Sports Werks.
1971 Lotus Europa
1963 Austin Healey 3000 MkII, BJ7
A motley collection of mostly British vehicles.