1969 TRIUMPH TR6   with the MOSS Supercharger Kit                          
Moss' supercharger kit
incorporates an Eaton
M62, Roots style,
supercharger with a
custom Holley 2-bbl

Moss' kit also
incorporates a very
modern serpentine belt
drive system.
All of the test fitting for
the Moss Supercharger
kit was done with the
engine out of the car.
This particular engine
was also rebuilt with
the supercharger in
mind. Using
compression ratios
and cam profiles
appropriate for a forced
induction engine.
Nestled in nice and
snug, the Moss
Supercharger kit
dominates the view into
the TR6 engine bay.  
The basic kit offers up
to a 50% increase in
power at the rear
wheels with a 100,000
mile warranty.  
Here at British Sports Werks, we look forward to assisting you in the
completion of your project. From old to bold and mild to wild.
At British Sports Werks, Inc.,
we appreciate increased
performance as much as a
Concours restoration.
Especially tastefully done
modifications that can
"un-done" if needed.

That being said...

Don't let the standard
appearance on the outside
of this TR6 fool you. It does
not give any clue to the
performance potential
lurking beneath the bonnet.